Your School Visit to

Boydells Dairy Farm

We at Boydells Dairy Farm have been hosting school visits for over 25 years, during which time we have developed our own unique presentation, combining education and fun. The children love and remember their visit and many schools return year after year.

††††††††††† Our basic theme is dairying, and we can track the story of milk from grass to the finished cheese, yoghurt or what have you.


We welcome pre-visits by teachers to discuss requirements and plans for the day.


††††††††††† Our website at provides an opportunity for preparation work and follow-up.

Health & Safety

††††††††††† A risk assessment for your visit, ready prepared for your use, can be found on our website.

All groups are given a brief safety talk on arrival, with particular emphasis on hand washing. Hot water and bactericidal soap are provided.Please note that hand gel is NOT A SUBSTITUTE for soap and water. By all means use it in addition, but it will NOT protect you on its own. Full public liability insurance is, of course, maintained.


††††††††††† There is plenty of parking space for cars or coaches

The Tour

††††††††††† Our typical visit is a guided tour meeting all our animals and learning something of each as we go. Our hands-on approach means that children get the chance to try their hand at milking, bottle feeding and so on. We deal with dentition, digestion, growth, animal families, milk and milk products, or whatever you would like included.

††††††††††† A worksheet, which you can freely adapt as you wish, can be found on our website.


††††††††††† A picnic/play area is set aside for your use during breaks. There is a very shallow (1in.) stream running through which all children and some teachers love. If you do not wish your children to paddle, be warned! There is a covered eating area capable of holding around 60 in case of rain.


††††††††††† We canít guarantee the weather, but we can do virtually everything under cover if need be. No group has ever been washed out!


††††††††††† We have a small shop selling dairy produce, refreshments and pocket money souvenirs which are carefully selected to reflect the visit (i.e. only farm-related). £1 - £2 is the usual amount per child, and permits a good choice if you wish to use this facility.

Special needs

††††††††††† Many disabled and special needs groups use us as a resource. Hearing- and sight impaired, learning difficulties, and wheelchair users can all be easily accommodated One toilet is wheelchair accessible as is the whole tour area, although short trips into fields can be a bit bumpy.

Address: Boydells Dairy Farm, Wethersfield, Braintree, Essex CM7 4AQ

Telephone: 01371 850481